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You have never seen this hardy tool for the anvil!

We were under duress by some local pirates! We were forced to make the gimbals and associated tools for a cannon commonly referred to as a rail gun!  All parts were hand forged with welded construction. We also made the match,worms,  and stand which you can kind of see in the video.... Please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel! Link:

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Forged or Fabricated?

Some panels we fabricated for a local tavern. We always try to incorporate some forged elements if only a few. There will be a total of 5 panels created to isolate seating in an up and coming restaurant and tavern . The largest panel is over 130" long and will weigh in at close to 600 lbs! The panels incorporate hand forged rivets from previous posts as well as the hand forged plate with wrapping detail. More to come on this project stay tuned!

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Hand forging plate steel

The team of the Village Blacksmith hand forging 1/4"x 4" plate steel to make a simple decorative wrap that will be hand riveted with the forged rivets made in an earlier video. More pics to come! Like and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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