George Cramer to appear on Discovery Channel's new series 'Master of Arms'

George Cramer , owner of the Village Blacksmith in Gloucester, VA is slated to appear on Discovery channel's new exciting weapons building show : Master of Arms.

While he can't divulge too many details,

Cramer says: " it was challenging  and stretched my skills while under the clock. There are some surprises and never before seen builds on the show. I am proud to be among such talented individuals."Indicating how expansive the craft of blacksmithing is in the development of skills and knowledge. 

" Though I have over 15 years experience in smithing and over 20 years combined in metal work,  the more I learn about the craft , the more I realize how little I know."

Cramer not only runs a full time Blacksmith and metal shop but he also teaches the craft with a current fall schedule now up and accepting enrollments at the Village Blacksmith in Gloucester, VA. 

Discovery's Master of Arms show will first air November 2, 2018 at 10 pm et.

George is planning a viewing party at a local Gloucester restaurant as his episode is set to air sometime after the initial Nov. 2 Showing. 

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Check out the preview and photos below: (Courtesy Discovery Channel)





Cramer looks on nervously as his weapon is about to be tested.




                                                                              (credit : Discovery)

Master Of Arms judges ( from left) : Blacksmith Trenton Tye, Weapons Expert Zeke Stout, Weapons Historian Ashley Hlebinsky

Zeke Stout testing contestants' weapons.          (credit : Discovery)


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