What to do in Gloucester, VA : Learn Blacksmithing !!

The Village Blacksmith just announced their Blacksmith Class Offerings. The 1 and 3 day courses will run on various weekends , June through March. Aspiring smiths will see what it is like to hammer hot steel into shape using hammer, anvil and fire. 
These comprehensive courses take students on a journey where they will create multiple items using the basic skills of the Blacksmith. Students will use basic hand tools and forge their items with the emphasis being on handwork. On day one, students will learn to make hooks, leaves, bottle openers meat flippers, rivets, and nails.
On days 2 & 3 students will be tasked to create objects of their own designs. Past projects include: knives, tomahawks, tools, spice and wine racks, flowers, fireplace tools, campfire tripods, shelf brackets, fire pokers, cooking utensils, bottle openers etc etc , etc, etc etc……,

 About The Instructor
George Cramer encompasses over 28 years experience working with metal, 20 of which is Blacksmithing. He taken classes under Master Blacksmiths, Master Bladesmiths and other world recognized artists.
He appeared on Discovery Channel’s Master of Arms (S1E7)  where he won $10,000 and the title ‘Master of Arms’ in a competition setting by building a steel bow and a medieval crossbow.  He aided crews and appeared on National Geographic Channel’s Drain the Oceans (S3E7) where his technical expertise was used to recreate an event from the Revolutionary War which led to the sinking of Cornwallis’ largest ship and ultimately gained us our victory. He has also appeared on numerous local television stations, radio segments, magazines and newspapers. He has won awards in art, business  is a veteran and continues to perpetuate the noble art of Blacksmithing and other metal crafts to his students through his intensive workshops.
Photos courtesy Discovery Channel
Photo credit : Dick Welton
In addition some of his notable projects have been cannon carriages for Yorktown Battlefield, movie props for Universal Pictures 2019 film “Harriet” and NASCAR trophies for Langley Speedway’s Hampton Heat 200 as well as many projects that range from commercial to public art, private, and  residential commissions. 
1 of 2 Hampton Heat NASCAR trophies. 
To date George has taught well over 500 students the craft and art of blacksmithing. 
To learn more about upcoming  Blacksmithing classes CLICK HERE ———>>> BLACKSMITHING CLASSES 
 Video by : Mark Manis
To learn more about upcoming  Blacksmithing classes CLICK HERE ———>>> BLACKSMITHING CLASSES 

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