Announcing the 2020/21 Blacksmith Class Schedule, Home Schooling, Pandemic Response

The Village Blacksmith recently announced their their upcoming Blacksmith Class schedule for 2020/ 2021. The available classes are listed on the Village Blacksmith Website: 1 and 3 day classes are offered along with Blacksmith Date Nights, and other custom events. 

Owner , George Cramer stated: that he is "relieved that things are returning to normal in the state of Virginia.The events we hold throughout the year add up to a very significant portion of our annual income and we took a damaging hit through this COVID-19 pandemic." 


Along with their classes and date nights,  the Village Blacksmith plans on incorporating events that cater to younger groups as an increase in homeschooling is expected with the uncertainty of the upcoming  school year.

"We have several demo and instructional based systems in place designed to connect students K-12 with the art and craft of blacksmithing and its relation to Math , English , Science, Engineering, History and the Arts. We give insight on how blacksmithing and other professions utilize the core subjects in society through demonstration and lecture for a truly unique and enveloping educational experience", says Cramer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the Village Blacksmith to modify their approach to the craft slightly and all guests will have to follow proper installed protocols while attending the events.


To view course curriculum and other educational events click here:

Learn about Blacksmithing events at Zoll Winery  Click Here

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