George Cramer wins Master of Arms title on Discovery Channel's popular new series


Photos courtesy Discovery channel.

George Cramer, owner of The Village Blacksmith in  Gloucester Virginia has just secured a victory on  Discovery Channel's new series Master of Arms. George's task was to build a handmade steel bow as well as a arbalest crossbow.  Although George is not too happy with his weapons , they performed  well enough for him to secure victory and title "Master of Arms". 


George held a watch party at your Pie Pizza in Gloucester, in which over 200 people showed up for the event. " It was like I was going through the experience all over again and it was almost as if I was wondering who was going to win" said Cramer.

"I was blown away with the amount of support I received from the public, people drove from hours away to come see me on the big screen at Your Pie Pizza. The support I received from the community was greater than any trophy, prize, or award I could have received." Reflects Cramer.


While he contemplates his winnings and the entirety of the event , Cramer will be at it hard again tomorrow at his forge the Village Blacksmith in Gloucester, VA.

" I am thankful for the journey my hands led me to today  as well as the imense support I received from family and friends and the local community . This was an invaluable experience ."

In addition to winning Master of Arms and completing two functional weapons, Cramer was also awarded a cash prize of $10,000 along with the title "Master of Arms".

When asked what's next,  Cramer replied: "ALOT!" eluding to many events he has planned including: classes, tours, projects and possibly more " TV time "  he said with a grin.

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